How much can I get for my old Forklift?

Forklift Removal can be a tough job for obvious reasons. Even selling it for cash can be a tedious process if you’re a first-timer. But that is not the case with Cash For Forklift Melbourne. We provide top offers for your used Forklifts and make the payments instantly!

how much can i get forklift

Whether you’re seeking to trade-in a used and damaged Forklift or sell it due to the change in operational needs; you would first ask, How Much Is My Used Forklift Worth? There are numerous factors buyers use to calculate the cost of an old forklift, including running hours, age and mast specs. Mechanical appearance and maintenance history can also affect the price. 

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Selling An Old Forklift – What Buyers Look For

First of all, the Forklift needs to be in working condition. If this heavy machine doesn’t work, it doesn’t hold much worth, and any buyer can’t evaluate the overall state of the lift without operating it.

The number of hours and the Forklift’s age are the most notable factors that affect how much a used forklift is worth. If the model is an older make and has been used for several hours, its value will be lower.

That said, used Toyota forklifts are worth more than the rest. Any Toyota lift truck with 10,000 hours of usage can get you a higher value than a similar non-Toyota forklift with the same working hours.

More Factors That Impact the Value of an Old Forklift

  1. Fuel Nature: Liquid petroleum forklifts are usually worth the most when it comes to evaluating their resale values. On the other hand, used electric forklifts are commonly worth the least because they typically need a new battery or need battery reconditioning. Also, there are more electrics in the industry than used LPG or diesel forklifts.
  2. Battery/Charger: For electric lift trucks, the battery must hold a charge for the Forklift to get the worth it deserves. Also, if the charger is inclusive of the sale, it can increase the Forklift’s value.
  3. Appearance: The fewer scrapes, dents and damage, the better. Any noticeable signs of wear and tear will be accounted for. If the Forklift was in an accident or it got scraped by a passing hand truck, the value of the lift truck will automatically go down.
  4. Mast Specs: This is a huge factor in the resale of your Forklift. With the increasing cost of warehouse real estate, most buyers prefer a mast around 187-189 inches when raised for a sit down lift and 240 inches on a cramped aisle/stand-up forklift. Lift vehicles with an extensive mast (99 inches or taller) are troublesome to get in a container, making them less desirable for specific applications.
  5. Accessories: Any used forklift with in-demand accessories such as a side-shifter or fork positioner is deemed worth more.
  6. How Properly Has the Forklift Been Maintained? A lift truck with a routine maintenance record is more worthy than one with unknown or sporadic service history. So you might want to have your maintenance records and other vital documents ready before making the sale. 

We Offer Free Forklift Removal in Melbourne

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