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Do you have an old forklift that no longer works and is eating up precious space in your yard? Are you looking to trade up and do not know what to do with your old piece of equipment? If you want to get rid of an old forklift, give us a call. We buy forklifts of any brand and condition, and we pay in cash. 

old forklift buyer

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If you have a used Toyota, an old Crown, a scrap Manitou, or an unwanted Clark, we want it. We are the most reliable Old Forklift Buyer in the area. 

We buy electric, gas, petrol, or diesel. Whatever make, model, or condition it is, as long as you don’t need it anymore, we can turn it into cash for you. 

Sell Your Old Forklift Conveniently

We offer convenient Cash for Forklift services from start to finish. If you have an old forklift and you want it gone, simply get in touch with us and we will do the rest. Our team of professionals can receive your call 24/7 and give you a fair and accurate estimate within minutes. 

With our strategic location, we could be at your doorstep before you know it. We would take care of all documents and get the process moving. We offer the best rates in the industry and we pay cash on the spot. Within the day, you could turn that old piece of machinery into cash. 

Environment-Friendly Forklift Recycling

It is hard to imagine that an old rusting machine as big as a forklift can be disposed of safely, but that is exactly what we do. We use the latest equipment that can recycle forklifts safely with minimal impact on the environment. We have years of experience, and we know how to get the most out of an old forklift, leaving very little behind and disposing of it in a responsible manner. 

Free Old Forklift Removal

Whether you have an old forklift or a scrap one, we can remove it for free. We don’t charge for our forklift removal services, which means that you get the payment in full. We offer the best Cash for Forklift rates in the industry, whatever condition it is in. Once we agree with the price, there are no hidden charges. 

We Buy Old Forklifts and Offer Same-Day Removal

If you have been waiting weeks or months to get rid of an old forklift, then give us a call. You will be pleasantly surprised that the whole process can be finished in one day. And that is if we take the scenic route. We can even turn your old forklift into cash within an hour. 

We Offer Great Prices

Our experience in buying old forklifts spans many years, and our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced. We can assess the value of an old forklift accurately and fairly and offer the best prices in the industry. 

Our forklift removal services are free, and we would give your payment in full and on the spot. Give us a call if you don’t want to be shortchanged by unscrupulous buyers of your old forklift.

Trustworthy Forklift Buyer

Our business is built on trust and this has enabled us to stay relevant in a very competitive industry, and our long list of satisfied clients will attest to this. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy Old Forklift Buyer, give us a call. Sell us your old, unused forklift and be one of our satisfied customers.      

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One phone call is all it takes to get an amazing cash offer for your forklift! Get in touch with us today!